The BOSS Leadership Network is dedicated to giving members of the Black Diaspora the instruction, inspiration and guidance they need to build opportunity and sustain success for themselves and others. The network’s administrators will endeavor to curate online content that speaks to the drive that their Black ancestors displayed in overcoming difficult odds to prosper both individually and collectively. Members will be encouraged to be strong advocates for personal and professional development, mentorship and collaboration within the Black Diaspora, and engage in efforts that ensure the accurate presentation of Black history, Black excellence and Black achievement in homes, schools and communities.

Through this celebration of ourselves and our Blackness, we will simultaneously encourage other racial/ethnic groups to fellowship with us around the fire of fairness, justice, peace and reconciliation to acknowledge our familial ties, our connection to each other as ONE TRIBE.

If interested in joining this effort to honor the legacy of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street entrepreneurs (1906-1921), please complete the INTEREST FORM below.

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