The  BOSS Project was created to cultivate authentic leadership and entrepreneurial thinking among Black American youths.  Participants will engage in online and offline activities that enhance their understanding of the values and principles that allowed Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Black Wall Street entrepreneurs (1906-1921) to build opportunity and sustain success in hostile social and economic environments.  Ultimately, the BOSS Project will serve as a catalyst for participants’ pursuing and obtaining post-secondary education and/or training, and starting and running successful business enterprises.


  • PERSONAL PROSPERITY PLAN DEVELOPMENT – provide online instruction to help participants establish firmer foundations for individual and collective prosperity.
  • BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL (BP) CONNECT – connect participants with adult mentors to help them develop and implement their Personal Prosperity Plans and gain experiences that enhance their understanding of business operations.
  • BUSINESS PLANNING & OPERATION – support participants with business plan development and the initial operation of their small business enterprises.
  • POST-SECONDARY PREP – offer instruction and experiences that heighten participants’ desire to pursue and take advantage of post-secondary educational opportunities (i.e., college/university, trade school, military).

Special Events

  • College Tours (Fall & Spring)
  • Youth Leadership Retreat (one/year)
  • Youth Leadership Conference (one/year)

To be considered for BOSS Project participation, please complete the INTEREST FORM below. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all activities will be offered online using video conferencing platforms until further notice.

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