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The centerpiece of the Young Achievers Network is the LIFE 101 Workshop Series. Each of its four educational modules –  PEDAL Prep, Educational Safari, BOSS Entrepreneurship Development and Peer Positive – consist of three interactive lessons facilitated as three, separate 90-minute workshops or one five-hour summit.  The goal of the series is to increase middle and high school youths’ capacity to lead independently fearless and empowered lives upon graduation from high school.


circle-of-teensMODULE TWO – Educational Safari: Teaches Young Achievers how to develop and maintain educational success, and provides the impetus they need to apply, enroll and succeed in college.

MODULE THREE – BOSS Entrepreneurship Development: Teaches Young Achievers how to start and operate small business enterprises.


homework-3MODULE ONE – PEDAL Prep: Teaches Young Achievers the importance of healthy relationships.  Special emphasis is placed on helping them develop an accurate understanding of what it means to be a Reliable Friend, a Committed Spouse and a Present Parent.

MODULE FOUR – Peer Positive: Teaches Young Achievers how to form their own giving circles, ultimately using the model to increase their understanding of Social Responsibility.

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Spring Achievement Summit

During the Achievement Summits, attendees will attend workshops that help them go from better to great in the Four Key Areas (nurturing, learning, working, leading), as well as interact with college recruiters and employers during a college and career fair. Adult professionals from the corporation’s Achievers’ Roundtable will lead panel discussions on one or more of ACHIEVEMENT SQUARE’s LIFE Principles.  Attendance at this event will be free to Saturday Workshop Series participants. Invitations will also be sent to other nonprofit and civic organizations serving economically disadvantaged and at-risk youths.

Prosperity Pillars

ACHIEVEMENT SQUARE Development & Training Centers, Inc. will always be in need of adult volunteers to provide instruction and mentoring to our youth and adult Achievers. If interested, please complete the form below to request additional information.


ACHIEVEMENT SQUARE Development & Training Centers, Inc. is recognized as a charitable, nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible.