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According to the 4-H National Youth Survey on Leadership (2016), ninety percent (90%) of young people say they are concerned about the future leadership of America, and two-thirds are more confident in the next generation of leaders than in the leaders they see today.  More specifically, the online Harris Poll of 1,501 of the nation’s 9th through 12 grade students revealed the following:

  • Most youth (81%) think leaders today are more concerned with their own agendas than with achieving the goals of their organizations.
  • Seventy-six percent (76%) say leaders are focused on different priorities than what matters most to them.
  • Half of youth rate government and political leaders as having weak leadership (51%), among the highest relative to other groups of leaders examined in the survey. Overall, weak leadership is related to not accomplishing what is promised (59%); not working collaboratively (56%); and not offering new solutions (53%).
  • Most youth (96%) think leadership is important to addressing the country’s most pressing issues; but only one in three young people says they have the skills they need to be prepared to lead.

The DMV Youth Leadership Coalition was formed in September 2018 by the principals of Everyday Mentorship, LLC and ACHIEVEMENT SQUARE Development & Training Centers, Inc. to address these concerns.  An assemblage of concerned adults in the Washington, DC/Metro area, we are committed to preparing tomorrow’s leaders today by hosting community events that help young people develop better senses of self-identity, self-respect and self-worth while preparing them to be leaders right where they are.

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ACHIEVEMENT SQUARE Development & Training Centers, Inc. is recognized as a charitable, nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Our Tax Identification Number is: 81-5025311. 



The DMV Youth Leadership Coalition announced on Friday, March 29, 2019 that its April 20, 2019 youth leadership symposium event at the University of Maryland, College Park Stamp Student Union HAS BEEN CANCELLED.  Event organizers are currently working to identify an alternate venue for event hosting in the Fall of 2019.

All donations previously made in support of the cancelled University of Maryland College Park event have been earmarked to support the planning, coordination and hosting of the Fall 2019 event.






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